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Class at Woodbrooke Study Centre, UK: The Birth of Liberal Quakerism, 1861-1921

The Birth of Liberal Quakerism, 1861-1921
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre
Friday 6 December 2013 – Sunday 8 December 2013
Places available
Ensuite Fee: £194.00 Standard Fee: £184.00

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One hundred and twenty years ago, plans began for the ManchesterConference and 110 years ago, Woodbrooke first opened its doors. Withina decade, the Liberal project had become dominant within London YearlyMeeting and would steer the direction of British Quakerism into the restof the 20th century. This course will look at the motivations andcontent of the early Liberal Quaker thinking and why it was so popular.

Course Leader Information
Alice Southern is a member of South Wales AM and researched the rise of Liberal Quakerism for her MPhil dissertation.


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