Presenting the work of Quaker atheists, agnostics, humanists, and others who practice Quakerism without supernatural beliefs

July 2016

  • Roots and Flowers of Quaker Nontheism (Abridged)

    This abridged version of “Roots and Flowers of Quaker Nontheism” was compiled for the convenience of students of Quaker nontheism. An ellipses ( . . . ) or brackets ([ ]) indicate where material has been omitted. The original is a chapter in Quaker and Naturalist Too (Morning Walk Press of Iowa City, IA, in… Continue reading

  • Publications on Quaker Nontheism

    This first appeared in Quaker and Naturalist Too (Iowa City, IA: Morning Walk Press, 2014, pp. 135-145). The list is divided between earlier publications (1962-1995), and later publications (1996-2013). Unfortunately some publications have been missed and the list is not being kept up to date. Please send copies of material to be included, or their… Continue reading