Presenting the work of Quaker atheists, agnostics, humanists, and others who practice Quakerism without supernatural beliefs

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The purpose of the Nontheist Friends email list is to provide a safe and friendly space for nontheist Friends, and other Friends and non-Friends with a genuine and friendly interest in the subject, to discuss the experiences and challenges of being nontheists in the Religious Society of Friends. We hope to strengthen the Quaker tradition of welcoming people of diverse religious experience, and to show by example that this can include nontheists.



  • Remember: people are more important than ideas
  • When offering a difference of opinion, do so with respect for the other person and regard for their feelings.
  • When criticizing the views of someone on the list, be sure to criticize the views, not the person.
  • No name-calling or insults, direct or implied.
  • Cultivate an attitude of live-and-let-live; agree-to-disagree.
  • Be clear, but gentle.
  • Do not take offense easily.
  • Hold your views, but do not criticize others for not holding them.
  • Try to stay on topic